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About the Product

SERVICE1ONE ties all your fixed operation moving parts together into one, easy-to-use solution that completely revolutionizes the way business is done in the service drive and gives motorists the ultimate service experience from beginning to end. Centralize every component of the sales and service process to into one comprehensive, service-based view that provides insight into the technology that helps your shop run faster and smoother, brings in more customers, increases RO transactions, and upsell opportunities.

Online Service Scheduler

Give customers a dynamic, fast interface to shop for services and schedule appointments from anywhere at anytime.

▪ Consistently loads shop capacity

▪ Preselecting maintenance packages or repair needs saves time

▪ No account required; schedule appointments using customer information

Lane Application

The SERVICE1ONE technology eliminates the need for a traditional paper write-up process, optimizing the speed and efficiency of the service lane for both advisors and customers.

▪ Fast customer check-in using VIN scan or search

▪ Walkaround Inspection records damage using built-in camera

▪ Advisor word tracks help overcome owner objections to service

Multi-point Inspection

Our electronic, multi-point inspection process improves shop performance and consistency, ensuring every vehicle gets a multi-point inspection on every visit.

▪ Improves shop productivity through operational efficiency

▪ MPI forms include videos/photos, reducing the number of declined services

▪ Capture 100 percent of declined service repairs

Advisor Training

The SERVICE1ONE Experience Training Program for service advisors and management gives an in-depth view of the SERVICE1ONE product suite and takes your team from the basics through advanced selling techniques, building brand loyalty.

▪ Convenient on-site training and consulting or online self-paced modules

▪ Integrated processes and word tracks embedded in the SERVICE1ONE tools

▪ Two-day workshop in Destin, Florida

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Recent Verified Ratings

really happy with this product.
Reviewed by Internet Director January 3rd
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: great tool, employees love it.


Smooth process
Reviewed by a Marketing Director Dec 28, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: We have watched our hours per RO increase since we began using the shop tool


Setup has been good.
Reviewed by a Dealer Professional Dec 12, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: The setup has been a little rocky. Getting everyone to switch to something else is always a task. We have finally got them going and its got its pluses. They have done a great job with the initital setup.


Lead Service one
Reviewed by a General Sales Manager Dec 10, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Lead Service One provides us a road to the sale in the Sevice department. it keeps my team on track and proper procedures are adhered to.


Works well
Reviewed by an Internet Director Dec 6, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: We use it to call our customers who have an appt and try and get them intersted in more services or another car.


Owe money and won't pay back.
Reviewed by an Owner Dec 4, 2018
Recommended: NO
✅ Verified Rating


Cons: They owe me about 74,000$ after we cancelled with this and they continued to charge me for over the span of 3 years. They claimed I "only cancelled part" and have yet to pay me what they owe me even after they acknowledged it was their fault.

OK but has it's issues
Reviewed by Service Manager Nov 28, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: We were a pilot store for Eleads service crm

Cons: They need to do a lot of things differently and better. Room for improvement

This product has a learning curve.
Reviewed by an Internet Director Nov 26, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Good product but it's taking a lot of training for our service crew.

Cons: It's hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

Great tool that solved all our service problems.
Reviewed by a General Sales Manager Nov 26, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: We also use this tool for training new employees. Our shop runs smoothly.

Cons: We need it as a CRM for our dealership, hopefully someday we will add it.

Tracking is easy.
Reviewed by a BDC Manager Nov 26, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Keeps all aspects of our dealership working together. Great tool.


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Do you work for ELEAD1ONE? Claim your company page now!

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