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4 Ways Foursquare Boosts WOM For Your Business


Location based marketing services boosts word of mouth for your business.

By now foursquare fans have noticed the new changes made to the app; newer users may not have noticed much yet, but here's a quick overview to show how you can get more out of the leading location based marketing platform.

Location based marketing 1

Foursquare made significant changes and improvements in response to how people have been using the app over the past year or so. While total users have passed 20 million, less people are actually checking-in. So, what are they doing?

  • Social discovery
  • Searching
  • Adding reviews/tips

Turns out, people still don't want to share their location - in real-time. However, they do want to find tips, leave ratings and reviews and find where other people are at. Foursquare has made it even easier with their new designs. Notice how easy it is now for a user to click eithe of the heart symbols.

What are you doing to ensure customers favortire your venue? 

location absed marketing 2

Badges still remain a fun element of the experience while the entire points platform is still the appendix of the app - serves no purpose at all. I'm still not sure why it's there other than to push the game element for a portion of the user base. (I never check my points and don't care where I fall on that "leader board")

Users enjoy sharing their ratings, reviews and tips on foursquare, which makes it more of a Yelp competitor at this point. It still amazes me how many people will still share what they're doing at a venue. The true utility of foursquare comes from sharing helpful information about a location.

People want to know what's good, what to watch out for or even that secret tip that not everyone may know about it.(EX TIP: Tell the guys at Jimmy John's Sub's: 'LBI' - to not dig out the bread & leave the bread in, which makes the sub a lot thicker than normal.)

Dealers can get a lot more out of foursquare by:

  1. Having employees add their best recommendations & tips to your venue.
  2. Create an unpublished special and add it your venue page - then share it on facebook, twitter and try adding it as a Mayor special.
  3. Encourage employees and customers to add pictures to their check-ins - and share them to facebook & twitter as well.
  4. Add your venue to a list of special venues in your area - and of course, share that list on facebook and twitter to build followers of that list. (EX: Make a list of the best automotive resources in your city & add your dealership)

Foursquare saw that real-time check-ins aren't necessarily as important as originally positioned. What is important is getting customers to share their experience: Ratings, reviews, tips, lists, favorite and photos. That's what consumers want to see. Give them the items they're looking for and you'll see more foursquare activity at your venue. I like the changes and how it fosters better engagement within a venue.

What do you think of the new changes made to foursquare?


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