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10 Social, Technology & Website Predictions For The 2nd Half of 2012!

Who doesn't love a good prediction? That is, unless you're bad at making predictions, like these two gems.

"With over 15 types of foreign cars already on sales here, the Japanese auto industry isn't likely to carve out a big share of the market for itself" - Business Week, 1968.

"Remote shopping, while entirely feasible, will flop. Because women like to get out of the house, handle merchandise & change their mind. - Time Magazine, 1966 (Completely writing off eCommerce even before it was invented)

I've always enjoyed looking ahead to try and guess the direction of things to come from technology providers and how they influence social behaviors - or even better, vice-versa.

Here's a bunch of things I've got my eye on now:

1. Tablet and smart phone traffic will swell to 30-35% of retail website traffic - prompting website providers to consider smarter mobile website solutions to respond to faltering mobile conversions.

2. The iPad Mini will create a new layer of responsive design browser solutions - a mid-level solution that combines the simplicity of a mobile website with the functionality of the full-size tablet browser into a different visual shopping experience for this segment of user.

3. #Brands - Less fragmented brands and fewer brand websites will allow brands to penetrate multiple channels and increase exposure due to hashtag usage in marcom messaging - everywhere.

4. More congruent messages - TV messages driving users to mobile activities; print connecting to social activities - more activities will push the "2-Screen Model" of advertising to connect, convert and retain customers.

5. Mobile advertising units will take on new forms - Google, Apple & facebook are in a race to create the next new method of mobile identities - included within this race is the fight for mobile advertising dollars. Billions of dollars are at stake here. Watch the mobile ads hit your facebook app soon enough.

6. Fancy will take market share from Pinterest because of it's ability to convert real sales within the site (and their app) vs. driving sales to off the site in the hopes of converting the sale. (Plus the app works so much better - (

7. HTML5 & CSS3 solutions will take deeper root - Design capabilities will continue to expand as HTML5 gets closer to becoming an accepted standard in 2014. Older out of date methodologies will go by the wayside and more beautiful approaches to design will appear & morph. (EX: Responsive designs, helpful modal popups, online magazines, CSS-only designs with rounded corners, drop shadows & custom font families)

8. Path will be acquired - possible acqui-hire as well.

9. Mobile computing power will explode and astound much quicker - quad-core processors and improved bandwidth from providers will pave the way for faster devices, 3D imaging and augmented reality solutions to be more commonplace.

10. Apps will become more beautiful, effective and simple - As smart phone adoption blows through 50% penetration, apps will become easier to use while app designers understand more about our usage and what we want. Look for more gesture control apps that are both fun and efficient. (Think more voice controls and tap, drag, flick, pinch, swipe, spread, press, double tap and less typing)

What do you see on the horizon and how will it change things?

Eric Miltsch
Cross off #5 - Facecbook just announced their new non-social ad units for the mobile market with this news: (Allowing Developers To Buy Clicks To App Stores) The pace at which things are moving is incredible...

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