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Don't Blame The BDC.. part 1


            Before you Blame the BDC...part 1

                             by Eric Nichols


So in my years as a BDC rep. and a Manager, I have realized that there is always on constant cause and effect at every dealership that I have worked for and every dealership that I have heard of… For those of you who are just tuning in that means EVERYONE

So tell me if this has happened to you. Picture yourself going about your daily routine, making your calls sending out your emails doing your follow-up. The day to day basics of the BDC. Then out of the blue BAM!!!! It hits you. Your sales manager, GSM, owner walks into your office and starts a rampage that the BDC is not properly bringing customers in, and that “YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB”. Because no one is coming in and sales have slowed down or come to a halt. So this brings me and everyone else to the same two conclusions that all of you are having right now.

  1. You really aren’t doing your job and that you have gotten lazy and are most likely going to get the “here’s a box pack your junk and go”


        2.The auto industry has come to a halt and customers are just not looking or buying at this point like they were.


So here is the dilemma, how do you prove that you are doing your job properly and that you are on your game and that you are not only working properly but going above and beyond with what you have.


The days of pack your stuff and go is over. If you look at every part of the automotive industry, The BDC is always the first to go. There are always BDC manager/rep positions­­­­ open no matter where you go. You need to WAKE UP and learn the A-B-C’s of this process. And I’m not taking about that Always Be Closing line.


I’m taking about ALWAYS BE COVERED..

I got sick and tired of being the punching bag for why the dealership has a loss of sales. So I perfected a way of not only doing this but I do it on a daily basis. And it is all legit and very simple to do. LISTEN UP AND PAY ATTENTION THIS MAY SAVE YOUR JOB ONE DAY.



Here’s how the Basics work:

Step 1- Reporting and Analytics

So here’s how it works, learn to master your analytics and reports. And I’m not taking about just 1 report, not 2 reports but all of them. They are reporting valuable information that will save your butt, but also make you shine.  

GOOGLE ANALYTICS- is the big main one. I don’t care if you have other website reporting, this is the Almighty Holier than Thou go to traffic report. You don’t even need to get heavy into the millions of sub reports this thing has. Just the Visitor Overview will do for now. This report will give you a live up to date website visit #. And for those of you who are saying “my website provider is tracking this” Guess what folks don’t trust it they are being paid to show you traffic, now I’m not saying that they are fluffing traffic. But how do you know they aren’t. After a few solid weeks of data you will be able to know right off hand what day’s people are searching more than others, what times, from where, you’ll even be able to tell what they are using to look at your page. I can tell you right now what my average traffic ratio should be for everyday of the week. Now you say what can that do for me it doesn’t give me leads. And for that you would get a gold star, you are right it doesn’t. But it does one better. It shows you when the market trends are, and even more when the buying cycles are. In simpler terms it will show your higher ups that business really is down. If people aren’t looking you can’t just pull leads from thin air, although that is a trick I am still sure that I will figure out…soon enough my friends soon enough…(laughs in a maniacal laugh).

Step 2- CRM Reporting

Another fun filled report, which if managed properly will increase your closing ratio, you follow up/ be-back visits, and just straight out makes you more appointments and more money.Ok so CRM’s are a must for every dealership. And to have to function properly and give you ACCURATE reports you must put accurate information into it. And I’m not taking part of the information I mean everything, name, address, email (a must no exceptions, people are more likely to change their phone #’s instead of their emails) multiple phone #’s, trade info, vehicle of interest, whatever you spoke about. Now in that you must also include the T.O. manager the price quoted on both trade and vehicle of interest. Now with all this info you will accurately be able to predict the future contact aliens and start a cultural revolution… ok so none of that will ever happen but it allows you to pull an up to date store visit list, what the sales person closing ratios are, allows you to see if that customer that you have been hounding who just won’t call you back came in and didn’t tell you. And helps you see what the next accurate approach is to take when you make that follow up call to that sales customer to see what next steps they are going to take.


I know more about my sales reps deals then they do after this, because as I always state once the customer is gone the rep has a 20% chance of accurately remembering what happened in full without proper notes, let alone the sales manager who has multiple sales reps. Now what does this all mean for you. Just remember one simple rule no matter what anyone tells you. So pay attention its only once I’ll say this:


So now when that manager comes to you with why business is horrible you can show him that your customers are coming in as always. It’s just your sales team not properly selling them or not properly following up. This is where you should take over and be proactive. Work hand in hand with your managers daily to go over the previous days ups/sales. This will increase your sales drastically.



We ladies and Gents that is part 1 of this story stay tuned for part 2 coming later on this week,


Stan Sher
I like. You are on fire.
Jim Bell
Nicely said. In the last part, you hit the nail on the all comes down the the sales force actually doing their jobs and following up and putting good notes in. When good notes are in the system, they can effectively be followed up with since they can't remember everything. Notes must be put in almost immediately after the customer leaves to it is top of mind for them.

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