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4 Reasons Why Your Hiring Process Is Killing Your Auto Dealership

Whether you're a football, basketball, baseball, or hockey fan, you know that each professional league or association has what they call a "Draft Day." Each team strategizes and picks players they feel will create the perfect team. Some excel in this task; others do not. 

Auto dealerships work in a very similar way. Hiring managers look for candidates that would be a great fit. It's one thing to look for the best candidates, but it's another if you're looking in all the wrong ways.

Here are four reasons why your hiring process could be hurting your dealership:

1. Rushing Through The Process

Slow down. An open position always wants to be filled quickly, however in the long run a bad hire can create greater problems than a job being empty for an extra week. HR managers tend to fall into the trap of hiring as quickly as possible. They look for the first candidate with the right skills and nothing more. Remember, losing an employee after a few months means wasting precious time and money that could have gone towards hiring the right one. 

2. Writing Vague Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are essential to a successful recruiting process. I mean, we wrote 14 pages on how to build the perfect job description—it’s that important. Yet, auto dealerships continue to post inaccurate and brief job descriptions day after day. The number one excuse I've heard is that they don't have time. Obviously, crafting a thought-out, detailed description is going to take a bit longer. But look at it this way: job descriptions create a direct explanation of what is required. They prevent bad hires and will save you time later.

3. Dismissing Job Hoppersc04b581922ff629978ea8719cf1c1dd9.jpg?t=1

These days, employees are leaving jobs after a year or two for many different reasons. This growing trend is known as "job hopping." You want to hire workers who will stick with your dealership for years to come, so when scanning a resume, it's common to shrug off those with a "1 year and 3 months" under their listed experience. This isn't necessarily the smartest move. Why can't your company be the one that makes them stay? They're obviously looking for something more satisfying and if they are qualified, give them a chance. People leave their jobs for endless, legitimate reasons. Don't brush them off solely based on the time frame of their last job. You could be passing up a stellar employee.

4. Brushing Off The Unemployed

Dismissing job-hoppers and brushing off the unemployed go hand-in-hand. You're simply passing up potential rockstar team members. I'm not saying these are positive bullet points on a resume by any means. They are red flags, however there's no reason not to dig a bit deeper into why they left their previous position. Perhaps they didn't fit into the company's culture or maybe they weren't recognized for the good work they provided. Unemployment doesn't mean they were bad employees. Exceeding expectations and fitting with the culture is more important than their current job status. 

Creating a winning team takes more than just top talent. Look at the Miami Heat for example. Yeah, they won a couple of Larry O'Brien trophies out of it, but after four short years, the "Big Three" is no longer. Build a team of members that will be around for years by revamping your hiring process. Set the right standards, stay organized, and you'll be on your way to "drafting" a cohesive, successful team. 

For 51 more ways to build a great team, click here

Keith Wilkerson
Good stuff. Thanks!
Carey Fried
I kind of agree with your point about hiring job hoppers but i've found that very often that's a person's habit - sure there can be a legit reason for short stays in different jobs, but when you dig a little deeper it can speak to the candidate's expectations (realistic?), lack of commitment, or the candidate can be really unclear about what they want and what they're good at so they rack up short, negative work experiences. On point 4 in addition to paying attention to ppl who are currently unemployed, I want to add to be proactive and look for unemployed veterans. We interviewed a candidate recently - with tours of Iraq and Afghanistan - and I was so humbled to hear about his experience. If someone can function in a war zone, maintain processes, be responsible, accountable, hard-working, what subsequent job CAN'T he do - with the right support and training?

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