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Personalized Marketing: What, When, Why

Personalized marketing is a way of communication between a brand and a client based on building communication and sales, taking into account the interests, needs, goals of the client (this is an unconventional definition). Personal marketing increases trust and loyalty, increases conversion and sales, receives real feedback from the client.

Personalized Marketing: Why Collect Data?

To create an offer that the client cannot refuse, you need to know who your client is, what he does, what he dreams about, what he is afraid of, where he works, where he wants to work, where he lives, etc.

It is impossible to obtain an array of data about each client manually. Automation is our everything. Automation not only simplifies data collection and personalization of customer relationships. The client accepts all offers and also speeds up the decision-making and shopping process.

How to personalize marketing?

Personalized marketing is not an appeal by name. For personalization, it’s not enough to know the age and location of the client. Without a vast array of personal data, it is merely impossible to develop a personal approach to the client.

Who is your customer?

Given the demographic and behavioral data of the user, you get a clear answer - who is who in your target audience, what content will become most effective for each group of consumers, what are the needs of users. This provides more reliable data for predicting that each new client will receive a relevant offer at the entrance.

Example demographic data:

  • position: marketer
  • location: Ivanovo
  • field of activity: information technology
  • company size: up to 100 people


How to use customer data for marketing?

To increase the efficiency of letters.

Personal data is used to compose trigger letters that offer the user the right content at the right time so that they can step by step get closer to a decision or purchase.

To increase the relevance of the offer to customers.

Segment the customer base by position, location, age, social status, etc. This will allow you to create the most relevant messages for each segment, clearly corresponding to the goals and needs of consumers at a particular point in time.

To improve content performance.

Having received more data about the client, you will know precisely what, when, and where to show him so that the purchase/conversion takes place.

How to use sales data?

Effective come-back

Knowing what the user is doing at every minute of staying on the site: uploads a document, looks at the price page, fills out a form, etc., you will compose the correct message based on the result of the interaction. The client looked, but did not buy, began to fill out the form, but did not complete or complete only the required fields.

Clear customer needs

Make sales in the most convenient format, at the right time, in the right place. Please keep track of when subscribers open emails, when and where they click, which links get the most clicks, which content is more interesting, what time they visit the site more often, and at what time they add goods and pay for the basket. This data will help to formulate a relevant proposal and make the right cold call scenarios.

Esther Crowder is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He works as a chief editor in a company that is an wow writing online service.

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