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eXtéresAUTO Unveils Significant Upgrades to Piracy Management Solution

Dramatically Improved Reporting, ‘Live View’ Of Potential Infractions, etc., Designed to Help Dealerships Stamp Out Costly Search Placement and Lead Theft

Riverside CA- April 21, 2010 – eXtéresAUTO, the award-winning SEO and Search Asset Management (SAM™) provider for the auto dealer industry, today announced the roll out of major upgrades to its pioneering Piracy Management solution, the first technology to help dealers crack down on the growing, costly problem of online search piracy.

Many dealerships remain unaware of the serious issue of online piracy, which is when third-party websites or direct competitors, for example, incorporate a dealership’s trademarked name or inventory into their site’s meta tags (organic piracy), or purchase a dealership’s name in paid search keyword buys (PPC piracy). The result: when a dealer’s potential customers are specifically searching for them, these pirate-sites ‘steal’ their valuable search position, traffic and customers. Particularly costly are certain lead aggregator sites masquerading as quasi-consumer-directories, that use a dealership’s name to generate leads - sell these leads to larger lead providers - who can then sell them right back to the dealership. With consumer search usage exploding, and 40% of local auto searches specifically involving a dealership’s name, a dealer’s ‘search real estate’ has become increasingly valuable property, generating significant business.

“The World Wide Web has never looked more like the Wild, Wild West,” noted Richard Winch, CEO of the eXtéres Corporation. “Online piracy is a crystal-clear indicator of how valuable search position has become today. It can cost a dealership tens of thousands of dollars a month in leads and sales hijacked, but it’s an extraordinarily confusing, time-consuming problem for them to tackle. Our significantly upgraded solution is designed to help them better pinpoint possible infractions, to put an end to them.”

New Piracy Management Features:

• Rich Reporting: Constantly delivers alerts on usages of a dealership's trademark name, inventory or URL (from across the Web), into the easy-to-navigate SAM back-office tool. Pre-sorted and categorized by all major, possible types of piracy/sites: from OEM, third-party, rival dealer, technology, video, job, consumer information or car-buying sites - to potential PPC infractions.

• ‘Live View’: Aggressively pre-screens all usages, to present dealerships with convenient links for a ‘live view’ (physical evidence) of the dealership’s name/inventory/URL usage in the source’s meta tags – all clearly highlighted. (Dealers don’t need to wade through hundreds of pages of confusing coding at each site.)

• Flags ‘Known Pirates’: so dealers can take quick, decisive action.

• Disputing Module: Provides scenario-specific information and tools for dealers to take initial (and escalating, if necessary) action against possible pirates, with customized processes for disputing each type of site/piracy.

• Training/Tutorials: Webinars on effective online piracy strategies available live or pre-recorded, along with video ‘help’ tutorials.  

Dealers adopting the previous incarnation of Piracy Management have been enthusiastic about its benefits: “Without eXtéresAUTO’s piracy tool I wouldn’t have had any idea that online pirates were preying on us - by using the ‘Heartland Toyota’ name to steal my rightful, first-page search engine position,” said Tom Diefendorf, GM at Heartland Toyota in the Seattle, WA area.

eXtéresAUTO’s Piracy Management is integrated into its comprehensive Search Asset Management (SAM™) suite of solutions, which also includes advanced, award-winning SEO; Online Reputation Management; Website Analytics; Competitor Trak - and more.  


For media inquiries contact: Beth McGroary, or 213.300.0107

For dealer inquiries contact: Kim Orr, or 866.994.2613

About eXtéresAUTO:
eXtéresAUTO is the leading ‘Search Asset Management’ provider for the automotive industry. Its proprietary SAM™ technology integrates advanced SEO, Online Reputation Management, Piracy Solutions, Website Analytics – and more. AutoSuccess named eXtéresAUTO one of the ‘Top Ten Companies to Watch in 2010,’ and the company’s SEO ranked #1 in dealer satisfaction in the 2009 DrivingSales Vendor Ratings Awards. Founded in 2006 by Richard Winch and Graham Winch, leaders in online marketing strategies and technologies, the company is headquartered in Riverside, CA.

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