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Rev Up Your Service & Parts Marketing Website Content

You've got great parts and service departments, excellent mechanics, and stellar customer support. What don't you have? The most effective way to tell people about it - that is, an optimized web page that lets everyone know exactly what you have to offer. It's time to rev up your fixed ops SEO rankings and cruise smoothly to the finish line. Read on to learn our top strategies.

Visual Appeal

Humans are visual creatures, and this tendency hasn't decreased since the advent of digital technology. If anything, the demand for compelling visuals keeps growing. Here are several tips that will make your web page content more effective by making it pleasurable to navigate and read. 

Get It Off the Blocks

Large blocks of text have the same effect as run-on sentences: cramming information into a jumble that leaves the reader confused and possibly annoyed. When scrolling down a screen with no known end, the only things the eyes can use to keep their place are headings and page breaks. 


Headers, titles, and images should be appropriately placed, with sub-headers as needed, to help visitors to your site find the information they need. 

Font of Information

Larger fonts seem like a good idea. Bigger text, better visibility, right? Maybe on a desktop. But remember, mobile phones constitute an ever-growing portion of internet browsing these days, and smaller screens won't fit the mega-font that looked so good on your huge desktop monitor. 


The font style itself is important, too. It doesn't have to be the same standard font everyone else uses (though there's nothing wrong with that), but it does have to be easily readable. Avoid fonts with fancy swirls, dots, curls, or flourishes, and resist the temptation to use all bold, italics, or underlined text. 

Don't Go Bumper-to-Bumper on Your Page 

White space has an immediate and positive effect on the perception of a page visitor. If your page is cluttered, the eye will wander, unable to locate what the reader wants to find. The resulting frustration will drive them to another site - one where they can easily make sense of what they see. 


But don't overcompensate and make the page too sparse. If visitors think they've just loaded a blank or defunct page, they won't stay long enough to find out otherwise. Your sections, headings, and menus need to be logically organized, from top to bottom, left to right, in order of relevance or priority. 

Why Should They Choose You? 

You've got some design basics and a good idea of how to lay out your service, parts, accessories and collision repair website content. But how do you make it specific to your dealership and not just a generic "come see us" ad?

Get A Custom Rig

Individualize your site with images specific to your dealership. Show your service department, display your waiting room amenities, and make sure to mention your OEM parts assets and the factory-certified technicians in your employ. 


Compose a short video highlighting what you can offer, and set it up to play right on your page. If visitors have to click a link to a hosting site, or any page that could malfunction, change locations, or take forever to load, they're more likely to abandon the effort. 

Custom parts and service specials page

Dealership photos are great, too. Avoid cluttering the page, however, and make sure the resolution isn't so high that it makes the page take longer to load. Having your site elements in a fit-to-screen framework will make sure that your site looks good on any sized screen. 

Blow Your Own Horn

Your dealership is a one-stop shop for factory trained and certified technicians, OEM parts, factory approved facilities, warranties, and recalls. Tell people about it. What do you offer that makes you the superior choice in terms of price, reliability, availability, and/or convenience? 


What perks are specific to your location or management practices? Tell potential customers what sets you apart from the rest. Be clear and succinct. Images of your offerings are great to use here, as well. 

Don't Stall Out

Your website should be easy to use and easy to navigate. Studies have shown that reader attention focuses on the upper left of pages and sections. When visitors scan for critical information, that's where they'll be looking. 


Keep your information to the point. Provide a clear idea of what you offer, and how it fulfills manufacturer recommendations or proven best practices. If your dealership has won relevant awards or special mentions for fixed ops services, be sure to highlight them. 


Avoid confusing people with industry jargon, and explain your services in terms that anyone can understand. The average vehicle owner isn't a mechanic - that's why they're coming to you! 


Embed links intuitively so that visitors can jump to the page they need (for instance, scheduling an appointment), with little hassle. You're there to help them, and proving it starts with your webpage. 

Need an Assist? 

Consider the Pros! Fixed Ops Digital’s fixed operations marketing strategists will make your website look great. Our professionals incorporate sound web design, SEO optimization, and ease of use into a web format focused on highlighting your fixed ops capabilities. 


Contact us and let us show you how we’ve helped dealers with the same website CMS platform and brand as yours.


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