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Brittany DeVries

We are looking to switch credit card processing companies. Currently, we use Vantiv. I just have not been impressed with the customer service. I recently got a quote from another company who compared rates and they could save us 10% annually which is amazing. When I Googled "the best" credit card processing companies, I am coming up with of course alot of different ones and some are drawing my eye.

What credit card processing company does your dealership use?

Why do you like them?

What don't you like about them?

Aaron Berg

Hi Brittany,

I have recently been shopping credit card processing companies as well. I have currently boiled it down to two companies: Cardworks and Xenex. Both companies seem to have great online portals and customer service. I am not sure what State you are in, but you should also check with your local dealers association to see if they have a prefered vendor with pre-negotiated rates that you can take advantage of. Good Luck!

Josh Sullivan

Hi Brittany, I know this is a little late, but if you haven't switched, I work closely with Vantiv and would be happy to have my contact look into your account. I can definitely make sure you're getting the best customer service.

Brittany DeVries

Hey Josh, that would be great! After researching credit card companies and ready to switch, I came to find out the Vantiv is the only one our software works with. I was extremely disappointed. I never thought to check that before. So needless to say, we are still using Vantiv. I have contacted them so many times to get the new EMV readers with promises that they'd send them but no luck. I also contacted the sales rep with the software we use and haven't had a call back from him. After a year, I am still batting zeros. I would greatly appreciate the contact you have helping us out. Thank you for reaching out Josh! 

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