F&I... How did you get started??

Nicole Slager
I am currently the BDC Manager of the dealership but ultimately wants to get into F&I. I work like crazy and go above and beyond what they want/need me to do to show them I'm commited. I don't really know much, but I want to learn everything there is to know about F&I... We have a position open at the dealership and I asked the GSM if I could apply and he right away said no. I asked him why I wouldn't be considered and he said he didn't feel like training anybody yet, the last finance manager they sent down state to a 1 week class all about F&I. How did you get started?
Lauren Moses
Nicole, I started as soon as I hit the dealership. Which was a whopping 5 months ago. I am the internet Manager, but I am also backup F&I. The simplest thing to learn is how to take a correct credit app and submit it. From there it's inputting the numbers into whatever system you use. Then the typing of the deal and having to deliver said deal to the customer in a way that they understand while still covering yourself for any and all state and federal regulations. If you don't mind me asking how long have you been at your dealership? You would think that if you have been there and are a truly hard worker that they trust they would be more than willing to put the time and effort into training you. May try talking to whoever is over the GSM and see what they say. The GSM may not be ready to let you drop some of your current tasks to pick up the F&I. And it's a lot to pick up. Trust me. All in all it's really not that difficult once you grasp the basics. It's just making sure that you cover everything and get all of the figures correct. If they are off at all the dealership is held responsible for the mistakes and any charges that come from the mistakes.
Daniel Wilkins
Lauren is absolutely right, It is a lot to learn in a very short amount of time. Is it a full time position open or would you be a back up? Are there any other F&I Managers there that can help you? When I started learning F&I I was fortunate enough to have the best in my dealer group teaching me. It was a slow process since I was going to be a back up but it was a lot to learn and comprehend let alone still needing to have fantastic selling skills.
Lauren Moses
The key if you do get to start F&I is TAKE NOTES!!!! I have a copy of every single one of our pages that we have to type, fill out, etc. that I have made notes on except for the contract and that's only because we have to pay so much for them. I have notes as to what needs to be filled out on the system for each page. How to calculate them correctly, and even how I need to adjust our printer to get them lined up correctly since we don't get to use Laser printers here.
Big Tom LaPointe
It is going to depend on the dealership. My experience is in bigger groups, they have more formal legal education requirements in place for liability, so slots to get $5k-15k training class are in high demand - also these stores tend to have low turnover rates. Your odds are probably higher in a smaller store.
Megan Barto
The reason he said "no" (at least I'm guessing) is because you're too valuable where you are. You need to also concentrating on *training your replacement* - I know it sounds crazy - but it's the truth.

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