New Car Dealer Trades

Matt Ramsey
What are some ideas to streamline the dealer trade process? I'm talking about once you and the other dealer have agreed on which vehicles your swapping, what is your process from that standpoint? Currently I am just making a spreadsheet and printing the trade sheet. Then save it into a file on my computer. Anyone using a better system?
Lance Knopp
I have a similar process, we have a one page sheet that has to be signed by Sales Manager or GSM and if a check trade it is turned in to office and check is cut if a flooring swap the box is checked on the sheet and floor swap is done. I have managers always attach a copy of the outgoing invoice and the incoming invoice.
Mark Rask

we have a cover sheet that we use

Bob Parrish

cover sheet, exchange invoices, done.

Mark Rask

also look at vautou for this 

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