Pay Plan for Independent Dealership Suggestion

Matteo Batelli

Hi Folks,

We are small dealer holds 80 cars and trying to restructure the pay plans.

Can you guys give me some plan examples for Sales / Finance / BDC ?

Do you recommend base salary plus comission for sales people for indepedents ?

How do you guys pay for Finance deals vs cash deals ?

Bart Wilson

Matteo, how are you currently paying them?  100% commission?  Do they get anything on the back end?

Matteo Batelli

Paying with salary plus comission right now.

Trying to find out what would be the fair pay for employees and company benefits. 

What should be the base salary amount and comission in your opinion ? Also Finance guy too?

They dont get anything on the back end. 

Matteo Batelli

Any suggestion ?

Matteo Batelli


Morgan Hardy

@Matteo- how did you end up? Is it working out? Curious how COVID affected you also being a smaller dealer. =)

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