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With Tax Season upon us how is your staff handling the "I'm waiting or my refund" objection?

Do you have a credit card with an available balance you could use for the down payment until you receive your tax return and then just pay off? How about I lend you the money and you pay me back, I really need the sale. JK 

John Forrest

Tax time is really a headache for almost all people. Many prefer to hand it over to a professional tax preparer while some choose to do it by themselves. I have chosen the tax preparation near me service as I found it better to hand over the tax process to some experienced faculty. It has helped me a lot in saving my time and money too.

Larry Potter

9 Out of 10 Businesses are Overpaying on Income Taxes! 

Year after year, the Federal Government has continued to incentisize those who own Commercial Property. The IRS has established guidelines that, if ignored, cause commercial owners to pay more in taxes than they should.

What guidelines are being ignored by Commercial Property owners?

Those revolving around Accelerated Depreciation, known in the taxation world as Property Cost Segregation.

Ramifications of Improper Depreciation Allocation

Most businessess do not truly understand the substantial benefits of accelerated depreciation. This is evidenced by our analysis of thousands of depreciation schedules over the years. We have found less than 10% of owners are properly depreciating their properties. The most common misconception is, “I am going to get this money anyway”. Is this a true or false statement?

Let’s investigate…

Capital Gains vs Ordinary Income Rates

Although the mechanics of these calculations are not always as simplistic as we will be making it for this example, the short response is – increased depreciation leads to paying taxes at the capital gains rate as opposed to the ordinary income rate. Since capital gains rates are likely much lower than the owner’s income tax rate, they would benefit from accelerated depreciation.

Time Value of Money

Simply put, your dollar is worth more today than it will be in the future. A tax dollar saved today therefore is worth more than a tax dollar saved in the future. Why lock up a tax savings in your property for 27-39 years when you can receive it today?

Catch-Up Depreciation

If you have not completed a Cost Segregation study on your property that you have held for a period of time, did you know that you can capture your entire missed benefit immediately? The IRS allows you to complete a 481 adjustment thus enabling you to catch up all the missed accelerated depreciation into the current tax year. This provision alone could save you hundreds of thousands immediately!

The Power of Cash in hand

You are a real estate owner. This means you understand the investing power of having funds in your hand today. Cash today [in the form of tax savings] enables you to invest in additional properties and invest in your business. The benefits of this are exponential and allow continued growth of your business.

Correct allocation of real estate depreciation is essential for business owners to effectively manage their tax situation. Are you one of the 90% who are missing out on opportunities that 10% of your competitors are capturing?

Find out now. Cost Segregation with No Upfront Fees.

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