Vendor Visibility - Are you 20/20 or do you need specs?

Brady Ferron
Hi! My name is Brady Ferron and I'm working on starting a company to service business owners by providing better organization, security and visibility into the applications they use to drive their business. What we really need is feedback from operators like you! The problem:Dealerships have too many vendors with little understanding of the value each brings. A disorganized vendor stable leads to wasted resources, confusion and a potentially dangerous data security liability. Questions: * How big of a problem is this in your operation? "Not one", "Kinda worrisome but not really" or "I lose more sleep than I care to admit" * When letting an employee go - how long does it take and how confident are you that all logins to critical applications have been disabled? * Conversely, how long does it take to properly set up a new employee? * How do you measure which applications are being used? * How confident are you that you're not paying for applications that your team doesn't use? * How much are you paying monthly for non-DMS web based applications? * How often is your team's workflow disrupted by password reset requests? * Would you be willing to pay for a solution that would clean up these issues while providing one-report visibility into vendor usages in addition to adding more security to your existing applications? We'd really appreciate your feedback here or you can reach me at We will also be in the Start Up Alley at this year's DSES - so stop by! All the best, Brady Brady Ferron Managing Director
Brady Ferron
I appreciate the emails I've received so far! Thank you very much. Keep the comments/questions coming or post here!
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