We-owe procedures....

Robert DiPalma
A "We Owe" should be placed done for every deal, even if nothing is owed. Dealers I have worked for have the "We Owe" signed in the Finance Dept. along with all the other paperwork. A copy should be given to the customer, and a copy should be place in the deal. This way accounting can charge the stock number appropiately if something needs to be done against the vehicle's cost. Also, if there is a question about whether or not something was promised to the customer, the deal can be pulled and it can be verified.
Craig Waikem
You usually are covering yourself went in fact you owe nothing. I always filled it out...we owe customer excellent sales and service satisfaction. Usually gave the customer a laugh.
Tami Paulus
Many business owners are now having an online project management system. They use them to measure the performance and also to keep track of the old records. http://www.marksoldtowne.com/
Aaron Schinke
Craig - I had a dealer do this to me (before I worked in the industry) and I thought it was clever! ...the little things...!
Tyler Larson
We have a we-owe/you-owe process in place. Service, Parts, and Office get copies as well as customer. It's a great process for F&I to get forms required from the customer. We have seen in all cases that when we fill out our we/you-owe, the customer doesn't neglect on their part when needing poi, por, insurance, things of that nature. We-owe guarantees all departments what the customer is expecting to receive. I have never had a signed we-owe become a problem. Verbal we-owes, every single time its a problem.
Big Tom LaPointe
30-day limit. manager who desked the deal has to sign it BEFORE it goes into F&I. I used to SHOW the customer BEFORE F&I so there were no hiccups or surprises and F&I could focus on their products

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