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Randy Taylor
This may step on a few toes, and maybe I'm venting more than asking, but here goes. If you have a CRM (DealerSocket, etc) how well does your management team work at actually using it. I've heard the lip service about how "we spend a LOT of money for this service and we are going to use it" but in reality, I find that management does not use it. Easily proven by walk-ins passed over to the wrong salesperson or actually, managers who don't even know how to log in. These tools are expensive and should be used! What's happening at your store?
Andrew DiFeo
Randy, We started our dealership with the CRM as the foundation of the business. It was a total dealership initiative from the GM and all department heads. When the Dealer Principal/GM is utilizing the CRM on a daily basis, I find that the rest of the staff is on board. Once the staff saw the true benefit of the power of better CRM utilization, it became second nature. Best Regards, Andrew DiFeo General Manager Hyundai of St. Augustine
Randy Taylor
Andrew, Glad to see the support from the top!
Aaron Root
It is the same thing with your website. Many people expect all of these tools to work with the blink of an eye, but they do take effort. If the effort is there, you will get the most out of these tools and more importantly your $$$. All new hires should go through a few days of training specifically for your CRM. If it is not logged, it didn't happen. When the veteran salesperson complains they got skated, simply look it up. Were there any notes in your CRM. The old log sheets on your managers desks should have been burnt a long time ago.

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