adp dms dissapointment

We switched from reynolds and reynolds dms to ADP 16 months ago. You would be hard pressed to find any employee in this dealership that is happy with the switch. ADP has been a complete dissapointment to 99.9% of the employees and created a tremendous amount of anxiety in this dealership. Even after 16 months. Im wondering if anyone else switched from Reynolds&Reynolds to ADP and is "or is not" experiencing the same buyer remorse?
Jordan Molstead
I could not agree with you more. We are counting down the days (still 4 years away) until we can switch companies. Their software was obviously designed by programmers who would never have to actually use the system. The entire system is as un-user friendly as you could possibly get. After years of having Reynolds we are very much regretting making the switch.
Stephen Brown
We are about to make the same switch just in reverse, from ADP to ray ray. I am pretty stoked about it as I hate ADP too. What prompted you to jump ship from Reynolds and Reynolds?
Michelle Benko
Phil, just wanted to let you know that we hear your issues and your account management team will be contacting you ASAP. ADP
Jared Hamilton
Gotta give ADP props for caring enough to listen. Bonus props for reaching out and publicly participating. Nobody is perfect, but we can all appreciate a company who listens and responds to their customers. Well done team ADP!
Jordan Molstead
Jared, I dont mean to be overly negative but ADP's customer service and response to dealership issues is absolutely terrible and borderline comical. The average wait time when you call their dealership support line is over 45 minutes long and an ADP employee (who I won't name) admitted personally to me that "our customer support is terrible." Bottom line, if we at our dealerships dealt with customers the way that ADP deals with their dealers we would all go out of business. All that being said, I actually really like our ADP sales rep who came in and sold us the system and follows up with us. He was extremely knowledgable and likeable and was the main reason we made the switch from Reynolds. I just wish I could say the same about the rest of the company.

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