An idea for dealerships to stir up more business.

Scott Joseph
Has anyone tried what could be a cost effective approach? Approach a bunch of groups (especially those with large social media followings) such as local women's groups etc and offer them a discounted rate, with a percentage of the profits being donated back to their organization. Once you get behind the work they're doing, and get them enthusiastically recommending you, I have to assume you would receive a lot more referrlas. I realize this idea is not entirely new but with today's technology and social media capabilities, I would think this has incredible potential. Is anyone maximizing something like this? Let me know.
Adam Ross
I have been encouraging my dealer clients to do things just like that. And the best part - what does it really cost? Not much... Great idea, Scott! Thanks for sharing!
Jeremy Alicandri
Start with improving profits and conversions by improving processes. Period!
Tami Paulus
Well nice thoughts Scott this approach will definitely work good and no doubt its gonna be cost effective. Socializing with such groups will surely give recommendations and referrals once they get interested in our vision through our positive conversations. It will potentially create more followers and help increase business leads.
Kelly Spencer
I love this idea. Has anyone had any results? Also, when approaching groups do you ask for excusivity?
Paula Johnson
Have you started using Social Media for leads???? This is the new frontier for marketing. People 15 years ago were brought kicking and screaming to the concept of e-mail. We are now at the forefront of a new marketing frontier. Social channels will continue to be where people are talking about your product/business. The opportunity for organizations is now to evolve into a social enterprise and gain unfair market share. Paula Johnson

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