Any Suggestions On Customer Loyalty Programs?

Mitchell Brenner
We are looking into starting some type of Loyalty/VIP service to help with customer retention. Has anyone had any success with this type of program? What company did you use or did you do it in house? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
aaron kominsky
stay tuned on monday i will be writing a major blog on customer loyalty in the mean time check out my world class customer experience blogs
Mitchell Brenner
Hi! Please let me know when that Loyalty Blog will be done. Thanks, Mitchell
Philip Zelinger
Hello Mitchell, I anticipate that you will receive a number of CRM and similar customer follow up programs with automated emails, letters and coordinated daily planner programs offered by a number of the vendor members on DrivingSales.Com to accomodate the mechanics needed to manage and monitor a Customer Loyalty/VIP Program so I will leave that element of the process up to others. You will likely also receive suggestions for programs that include everything from cookies, picture calendars and similar "point" based gift promotions with turnkey solutions to promote customer loyalty programs but frankly the internal systems, people and personality of your proposed program and its eventual success is more dependent on your ability to carry the message across multiple departments and sales/service processes to work so I will focus on that. First, everyone from the operator to the service writers to the office to the sales staff need to be on the same page for any program to work. Relationships may start with the sale of the vehicle but they must be maintained in the ongoing communications and service to have any residual customer retention value. The proper positioning of a consistent message in showroom boards, vehicle toppers, flyers at the service writers desks and cashier and inclusion in all marketing and advertising material and media is critical to "brand" the dealership to your priority for customer service and the ability to earn customer loyalty. I suggest the development of a logo matched to your dealership logo to identify the VIP program and a detailed list of benefits for members that provide added value before, during and after the sale to act as a differentiator during the selling, servicing and referral process. Complimentary Oil Changes for Life, valet service and/or loaner programs, discounts for regularly schedule maintenance, guranteed trade-back programs, scheduled service clinics and VIP annual new model introductions all provide an added value for the program and a reason for the customers to keep in touch. POP material described above can include VIP key rings, window stickers and membership cards to keep the program in the hands and minds of the customers but again, every conversation should be preceded with - "Are you a member of our VIP customer loyalty program?" If they say yes, "Great, I love dealing with old friends!" (Or something similarly congratulatory) If they say no, "No problem, I can sign you up now so we can both take advantage of it. Here is a brochure on it." Of course that assumes that you have one - and you should! I added some POP boards exemplifying a program that was established along the lines of the above and I would be happy to discuss your needs if you like. No charge, no obligation - just happy to help. After all, what are friends for!

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