Auto loan related domain names and micro-sites

Jayme Roberts
A few years back I went into business with a group of people leasing auto loan related websites to dealerships. I put up all the money to buy the domain names, software, and website development. The timing couldn't have been worse with the credit crisis to follow. Eventually my partners all bailed and now I'm left with the company, . I own over 850 auto loan related domain names from to and many in between. I need suggestions on what to do with them. I'm an independent dealer and I just opened my second location a few weeks ago so runing another company that sells domain names or micro-sites isn't an option for me. The business is fully functional and ready to be marketed. I feel the sub-prime lenders are starting to make a comeback but I just don't have the time or desire to call on dealerships. I figure I have the following options: 1. Sell the domain names in bulk or individually. 2. Sell the entire company with all the domain names, software and websites. 3. Partner with a company or individual that can market the services? 4. Since it cost about $6,500 to renew the domain names each year, just let them expire and cut my losses. Thank you for any and all input. If anyone would like to or knows of someone that could help me out I would greatly appreciate you getting in touch with me.
Jared Hamilton
There is potentially a lot of value in the SEO value and traffic from those sites. Why not just convert them to lead gen business. SEO them to the best of your ability, convert your traffic to nice high quality leads and wholesale the leads to a 3rd party lead provider. They will (or should be) concerned about the quality of the leads but if you have good informative sites where consumers can easily request a loan quote, these could be great leads for dealers to call on. SInce the 3rd party lead providers already have active distribution networks you could sell them the leads wholesale, and they would distribute. How many leads do you think your 850 sites could generate per month? It could be some good passive income to cover your expenses and them some, you would have to hire an SEO person to make sure the content is fresh, the sites are indexed well, and converting but that could be done out of your profits. You've already built the foundation to a nice business. I say run with it. You are almost there. How are thing going at your store?
Jayme Roberts
Jared, Thanks for the input. I've tried reaching out to several 3rd party lead providers with no success. Even though these websites have proven to create a high quality lead in the past. When I say quality I mean 90%+ plus contact rate. I have the people in place to get each site optmized. I just don't know if I could create enough leads to offset the expense. Plus I honestly don't know if the people I have in place really know the SEO game. They say the do but, unfortunately, I have very little knowledge of SEO techniques and strategy. I don't want to pay someone to optimize the websites if it's not going to be done correctly. The website templates are ready to be installed with each separate URL. This is a fairly simple process. Things are great at the store! The new location has exceeded our expectations. Thanks for asking.
Paul Rushing
Hi Jayme, I may be interested in working with you on a project like tis. We have the resources to optimize them and drive traffic. I can be reached at 912-266-1629. Paul Rushing

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