AutoMax asks, If I was looking for employment why would I consider selling cars?

Craig Lockerd
"Winning" answer gets FREE Salesperson Recruiting and Training Campaign!
David Ruggles
Because even if I didn't make a career of it, it would be an advanced degree in business and finance!
Mark Dubis
David is right on the money. Selling cars is the closest you will come to owning your own business, without owning your own business. You choose how hard you work, what you do, and how engaged you want to become to be successful. You get someone else to pay the utilities, give you a base compensation package, give you a phone and a computer and you get to start a business from scratch. What other business will do this for you? NONE! The wealthiest (financially and spirtual)(self made)people are those who have successfully sold something. Billy Graham started off as a Fuller Brush man going door to door selling brooms. He later sold us on the value of spirituality and faith. And he was phenomenal at it. Every auto sales professional should take pride in the job they do every day. We help people improve their lifestyle, give them a way to get to work, a way to get the kids safely to school, and a way to meet their monthly budget. WE ROCK!
Craig Lockerd
Amen to that!
Craig Lockerd
Very cool Mark.....My youngest son is selling at a smaller store,with a slow moving product to put it niceley,and one product that just went away.Pay plan is one of the weakest I have seen.He doesnt take his day off,not only woirks hard but smart,sicial media,tells EVERYBODY what he does,sets goals and has used the car business to turn his life around.He lead the board last month made like 5k in Jan??????.....I couldnt be prouder of him! It truly can be a wonderful industry to get into. ....P.S. I was a Fuller Brush Salesman....went to my "Boss" one day and asked him how I could make more money,he asked"how much are you making,how much more do you want to make?"....I told him like $50 bucks a week and I would like to double that and get into "triple digits"$100 a week...He asked "how many doors are you knocking on a week?" I told him about 100....he said....."go knock on 200"

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