Back up F&I to full time

Daniel Wilkins
I have been a backup F&I Manager for about six weeks and it seems as if my numbers have made some noise through a few of our directors. I have the chance to interview for a full time spot and I just wanted to know what kind of questions I should be asking in the interview. Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.
Megan Barto
One of the most important things to remember in F & I is to "Protect Front Gross!" (& of course secure the sale) - make sure whomever is interviewing you knows that your top priority is to secure the sale -- product is secondary. After all - if you don't have a sale, you can't sell any product! :-)
Dennis Wagner
Megan is right. I would also ask the big question.. What is the dealerships current average F & I gross per unit, and of course, what is their expectations for you? Have you done F & I full-time before?
Daniel Wilkins
I have not done it full time. I do about 20 deals a month as back up. The part that is a little strange is that they want someone with little to no experience. I can see why you would want that in a sales person so that they don't have any bad habits but I don't see why you would want that in the F&I position.
Megan Barto
They want someone with no automotive industry experience or no F & I experience?
Daniel Wilkins
No F&I experience.

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