bdc selling finance

Mark Rask

Hve any of you used your bdc departments to sell finance products

Chris K Leslie

I like the idea. I dont think we empower our BDC's with enough information. What if the BDC of the future was able to do everything over the phone? 

I used to work in a Wells Fargo call center as a sales rep. I would get people to apply for loans, lines of credit, you name it I sold it over the phone. 

Derrick Woolfson

While we do not sell products every day. We do upsell warranties over the phone for pre-owned customers who are concerned w/ warranties and have the pricing charts available. We also (for appointments) try and get the insurance, license, and pay-off's (when applicable), and it not only saves so much time. But offers the customer a very good experience. 

I think it works for some BDCs. Not every BDC is equipped or ready to handle F&I over the phone or email.

Honestly though, the BDC is such a versatile department and can be utilized to enhance sales, service, finance, auto body, you name it. It should be the pulse of the dealership where the majority of new business is generated.

Sadly, too many folks in upper management aren't prepared to empower the BDC like that.

Amanda Gordon

I feel as though if the BDC can sell F&I then the receptionist should be able to do the oil changes. Are we seriously talking about commissioning the call center with doing the job of the department that is the most profitable  in the building? I am all for staff empowerment but where does it end? There is a reason why there are separate capacities within any company and to say everyone should do everything sounds completely chaotic, counterintuitive and makes me want to grab a xanax just thinking about it.  My humble opinion...

Elle Amadeus

This is totally a bad idea.

The BDC has divulged into a totally useless entity within the dealership.

Customers who call into the dealership or email the dealership generally ask the same 3 types of questions:

1. Is the vehicle still available?

2. What' your best price?

3. What are your hours?

Most BDC's are structured to set appointments and bring customers in, not to sell over the phone.

In many cases, people who call in and aggressively ask for "what's your last price?" or "what's the lowest you can do?" are wasting your time and likely to leave a bad review for your team refusing to negotiate over the phone.

It doesn't matter if you're marketing the lowest miles, lowest priced vehicle or if you're advertising a great loaner special lease, people will always ask "What's your best price?"

A simple "Our online price is the best price." will suffice in most situations.

If they're serious and you tell them the vehicle is available, they'll stop into the dealership and make a deal within normal working hours.

If they're not serious, they'll say things like "I'm coming from (names their city) which is a little far from the dealership, so tell me your best price."

Remember you must first SELL the car, have an approval and deal structure in place BEFORE it's even relevant to offer a Finance product to a customer.

General Managers, Sales Managers and other management types are totally clueless as to this new reality.

The common solution? Hire new BDC, more Sales Reps, and bring in a new F & I.

The real solution: Patrol your dealership and MANAGE. Answer a few calls. Talk to your people. Figure out what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement.



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