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Mike Doran
My foremost goal would be a sales desk manager. I was a successful closer/floor manager at a previous dealership but now I am in sales at a different dealership. After some thought I have committed to moving my career forward with enthusiasm into a higher role. Should I set my eyes on a floor manager where I am or go for a finance position if I am wanting to desk sooner than later? I gained a lot of experience while floor closing but have been told that mastering finance is the key to a good desk manager. Any input would be appreciated. I am new to this site and this is my first post. I have really enjoyed reading posts from members and have found a ton of valuable information. I definitely appreciate this forum for the insight and positive feedback that has been shared.
Clint Jones
Mike As far as I am concerned, you at some point MUST sit the F & I desk. A desk manager that has never worked in the Finance office is really just a closer. Structure is where the rubber meets the road, and structure can't be taught. It has to be lived.
Megan Barto
Run through F & I - the best desk managers I have ever worked with at least had a working knowledge of F & I. To be the best desk manager - you need an understanding of all sides of the deal.
Mike Doran
Thanks Clint and Megan, I have a pretty good understanding of finance to some degree, just not at the dealership level. I have a background in financial planning and as a personal and commercial banker. I also have been told by my GM that ideally the best "closers" in the dealership should be in finance. I have top closing numbers. Now, the goal is to get my shot at that position, the hard part. lol Thanks again.
Brad Wise
I agree that Finance experience is important. The key to your promotion dreams are as follows. 1. When the decision makers( GM /Owner) get together to discuss job vacancies , are you the obvious choice or do they say ....Mike? Yeah but....... He this or he that..... Act like you already have the job , dress for the job , self educate yourself so when you get the job you will be way ahead of the curve . Enthusiasm is what leaders are looking for .... Also Check out Tony Robbins material on "modeling "
mark rask
Finance is a must

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