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Bart Jensen
Dear Independent Dealer, Did you know that DealerTrack has a Dealer Management System for Independent Dealers (DMS)? The DealerTrack DMS for independent dealers gives you a more efficient way to conduct business, trim expenses, and sell more cars. Get the benefits of a powerful, full-featured, and reasonably priced DMS which eliminates double or even triple entry, with just a PC and an internet connection Independent dealerships select DealerTrack for three reasons – our Technology model, our Business Culture (the way we do business) and our Value. Technology- We operate in a true web-based, on-demand environment. This means you don’t need a server on-site, to manage and maintain – now or ever. All you need is a computer or laptop, and an internet connection. We have a single software set that provides real-time processing (exclusive to DealerTrack) and updating. The DealerTrack DMS for the independent dealer provides a robust suite of software, which provides functionality that larger DMS companies either don’t offer or for which they charge exorbitant fees. We don’t charge for users or sessions and there are no limits to either. Your price doesn’t change based on the number of users. We never purge any transactions from the system. All historic information is available to you in real-time and forever (e.g. deal history). Software is written to allow you to display Analysis reports on screen, and then allow you to drill down to the source document or transaction. You can select any time period and the system allows you to customize each report by date, information you want to see, and how you want that data sorted and filtered. Software releases and enhancements are provided at no charge, 3-4 times per year so all clients are on the latest version of our software. Simple-to-use software with consistent navigation makes it easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. Culture- We are your business partner, which means we are easy to do business with. As your partner, we do not charge integration fees to connect to third parties. Our initial contract with you is 12 months and then you are on a month to month agreement. Our Support Department can handle issues through a phone call, email or through the online documentation we provide to all of our customers. Value- Obviously you need to see just how robust our software is. Once you see the power of our technology and couple that with our dealer friendly way of doing business, you will see that our single integrated solution is a tremendous value to your dealership. You will see that the DealerTrack DMS for independent dealers eliminates the time and errors associated with double or triple data entry. I would love to give you a guided tour of our software. It takes less than hour and will change the way you look at a DMS – guaranteed!
Steven Martin

I would love to talk with you one on one about our products and the differences. Give me a call sometime. 

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