can a bdc help the finance dept

Mark Rask

We are trying to find ways that our service and sales bdc dept can hlep the finance dept. Any ideas?

Derrick Woolfson

What do they need help on? I find that F&I Managers could do a lot more themselves to help with the sales consultants. But more often than not, I see a lot of downtime for the F&I guy's - especially since the deal is kicked back to the sales managers (rightfully so) if there is missing paperwork.

Mark Rask

I was thinking along the lines of selling products like warranties etc. 

Doug Williams

We trained our sales people to turn to the F&I department the same way each time.  Mr & Mrs Smith, this is Brad and he is going to be taking care of all your state and federal paper work for you. Brad Mr & Mrs Smith. After they are sitting, turn to walk away and stop and act like you have an after thought. Oh, and Brad, will you go over an extended service plan with options with them? Remember, mr & ms customer, we talked a little about that....Thanks Brad, turns and walks out....


Bart Wilson

Anyone reaching out to customers that are about over warranty and trying to sell them a service contract?  Seems like a good activity for a BDC to try.

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