- RoadLoans v Dealer Centric

Megan Barto
I just received an e-mail from DealerCentric and the title was " Secure Credit Application Information for Ciocca Hyundai of Lebanon" Does this mean that is moving away from RoadLoans and moving TO DealerCentric for their on-website credit applications? I went onto the front side of and it still shows RoadLoans - but could this be the initial sign of a move? Any thoughts/insight?
Russ Chandler
I heard DealerCentric had too but haven't received any confirmation. I like DealerCentric's credit app so it wouldn't surprise me at all.
mark rask
we use dealercentric on our website. They do a good job
Megan Barto
What I'm more curious to is if this quiet "Please Create Your Login Information" from DealerCentric is a precursor to switching entirely away from RoadLoans on their credit applications and to DealerCentric...
Russ Chandler
I asked a contact of mine at DealerCentric and he responded with the following: We have always had the secure standard application that goes to the dealer and they have 100% control over it. Road loans is a 3rd party app that goes to Road loans to shop for multiple dealers (So I heard).

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