CDK or Reynolds?

Dwayne Roemer
Hi everyone, We are at that all-important moment of choosing which DMS we will get into bed with going forward. We have been with Reynolds for 20 years but feel a change is in order based on the cost of Reynolds and being tired of the Blue Screen and CAPS LOCK... =) My question is this: Which is better or are they merely six of one and a half dozen of the other? Help! Thanks everyone, Dwayne
Mike Jeffs
Hey Dwayne! Love your avatar picture. I'm sure you'll receive great feedback from dealership professionals in regards to your question. Another resource you might want to check out is our vendor ratings. All vendor ratings are verified by phone before we push them live to to insure them came from someone within the dealership: Good luck to you!
Rico Olinger
CDK sucks and Reynolds is worse... Am in Canada and our options are limited... IN the end, we had the same problem you have and went with CDK.
Mark Miller
I've used R&R and ADP predominantly and hate them equally. Dealertrack was better. I talk to dealers across the nation everyday and I have been hearing ACS quite a bit, don't know anything about them though.
Kristy Elliott
@Dwayne - I would encourage you to look at AutoSoft. We have been with them for many years. No long term commitment and priced so much more reasonably than R&R or CDK.
Dwayne Roemer
Thanks to everyone for the feedback and suggestions. It looks like we will be going the CDK route, but I wish we had more time to evaluate the other vendors as it feels like there is a better choice out there.

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