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Jeff Wallen
2010 will prove to be an interesting year in automotive digital for both dealerships and vendors. Awareness, knowledge and the exchange of ideas are rising in digital automotive making transparency the key for website vendors in 2010 and beyond. With all of the great minds converging on the forums and twitter, I do believe a shift is happening and automotive digital is starting to march forward with the first adopters and it will do nothing but energize and help the rest of the industry. Would like to get the communities ideas on things you would like to see from a website vendor before signing and during the term of your relationship? This could range from technology, service, contracts, etc. Here is an example of how DealerHD is evolving and making transparency relevant
Margalit Gould
Obtaining the right website vendor is very important. But what may be just as significant when enhancing your digital automotive business is to have a domain name that truly reaches your potential clients. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for your online marketing efforts. 80% of internet users search for local products and services online. Therefore, SEO is necessary to gain exposure to local clients and increase traffic to your website. Not only do online marketing efforts like social media matter, but generic, industry-defining domain names can create better visibility to potential clients through their higher rankings on Google search engine results pages. offers opportunities to lease generic domain names for your local metro area using a patent-pending technology that splits domain names geographically. For instance, is in their inventory and generates a #1 ranking on Google search pages when users enter 'auto center' to search. This can definitely give your business a credible and exclusive competitive advantage in the digital arena!

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