Commercial Vehicle Financing

Alex G

We have a lot of Cargo Vans and problem we are running in to is getting customers approved, Vans decode as commercial and local Credit Unions, Banks not willing to finance it, because it’s going to be used as commercial/work use. Any suggestions on Finance companies/banks that would finance something like that. Thanks!

Derrick Woolfson

Are you selling new cargo vans? With our one OEM, we did a lot of financing through them as they had incentive programs specifically for commercial. For pre-owned cargo vans, the customers often came with their own financing. Or we would use a local bank to finance the van. 

Alex G

We have used vans. Some do have their own financing but most of them don't. 

Marie Nies

Hello Alex, by chance have you tried your state's dealers association? That's usually a good place to start and if none of those finance companies work for you. Ask them for a referral, I wish you look and let me know how it goes. Here's the link for you:

Mark Rask

Thats a tough deal.........its always hard to get that type of stuff financed 

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