Credit Acceptance Programs

Chris K Leslie

Do you advertise these programs at all? If so, how do you word things in order to be compliant with state/federal laws ?

Amanda Gordon

If you're referring to the bank we use them synonymously with BHPH as that is there lending structure. Being a used car outfit we always have clients ask if we do BHPH and we answer yes thanks to credit acceptance albeit there interesting business model. 

Derrick Woolfson

We used to have a separate site for it. It was an extremely effective - money making - program. However, we since removed the site/program as we were having trouble trying to find the right inventory for it to work out. As well as not having the *additional* man-power needed to handle the volume of apps we would get. For those that have both the inventory & man-power, it is a win/win situation! 

Right inventory is a key element, Derrick. Good point! 

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