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Steve Devereaux
What do you know about CRM companies? Which ones are good? What have you heard about them and how much do you pay? Please share any experience you have had. Thanks!
Lindsey Auguste
I can't give you direct experience, but I do know we have a bunch of information in our Vendor Ratings section, where dealers have left reviews on their CRM for both fixed ops and sales. Hopefully this will give you some direction until our fellow community members can respond.
Bryan Armstrong
Stevem Been with several but Vinsolutions is still tops in my opinion. Ease of use throughout and great reporting functionality. Nobody else is close. Good luck out there, there are a lot of claims, but look at the Vendor ratings section here. It'll come down to Socket or Vin and Vin is more integrated and user-friendly in my opinion.
Marketa Gsollhoferova
Hi Steve, hope you won´t mind I´ll give you the answer from a position of a CRM developer. What we always discuss with our potential customers who are choosing the best CRM solution is: - What do you exactly expect from the CRM software? - Do you want to adopt it in the whole company or only few teams will use it? - How big is your company and what growth do you expect? - Is your business very special in any kind? = Will you need some specific software or will some common solution do for you? - Are your employees common with using sofware daily? Do they report their daily work? Do they share knowledge and documents? When you know the answers to this basic (but most important) questions, you can start selecting the best CRM solution and the best CRM company. That is the time you will be interested in: - What is the size of the CRM developer company? How many customers do they have? - How long are they on the market? - How succesful they are? - What do the discussions and reviews from customers say - Is the company able to offer you any individual features based just on your needs? - What are the kinds of support they provide? And are the customers happy with the support team? - How does the CRM company help you and your staff to adopt the CRM and get really the best profit from it? I believe there are more questions to ask if you want to get the really best solution to solve YOUR NEEDS. The basics are simple - you have to know WHAT DO YOU EXACTLY NEED, only then you have a chance to find the really best solution for you. Hope this helps, Best, Marketa
Steve Devereaux
I have looked in the vendor ratings... There a good bit of information in there. I am figuring to get a little bit more personable information by a discussion about them. I totally agree with you Marketa. Bryan, I have done a demo with VinSolutions and they have a great product and it is very comprehensive. DealerSocket seems to be a great product as well that would work well for us.
Steve Devereaux
Anyone have any experience with DealerSocket? Is it any good?

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