CSI scores, how do I get the happy customers to fill them out?

Holly Sochocki
The CSI scores can really hurt if you get just ONE angry customer to voice their opinion. How do we get all the customers to take these surveys without being too pushy?? I am very new to this position, and looking for ANY ideas/ advice. Please help!!
Richard Lovering
Great question that we always seem to struggle with! We've written some scripts for both our sales people and service advisers that help them ask for the survey. We also really push reviews. We're a certified Dealer rater dealer and we push Google reviews as well. We purchased Ipads for our stores to keep in the service departments so we could walk a customer through a google review should they choose to write one. We also post QR codes in our service department and cashier booths for our mobile device users. Employees typically work their pay plans, so adding a bonus for CSI will typically boost your response rate. We've even offered small bonuses for each review an employee receives online! I've always found the best results are from our employees telling the customer that they take a lot of pride in doing a great job and the only way they know if that's happening is if their customers fill out the survey. Good luck!
Steve Devereaux
We have almost perfect CSI scores. It's all about your processes. The first thing we do is show a filled out survey to the customer when they are in the F&I office so they can see it. Then, the salespeople will follow up with the customer 3 weeks down the line to remind them again. We also print off the surveys once they are submitted and pass them around to both the sales department and the service department so everyone can see. For the service department we have a sheet filled out that asks for the customer to fill it out completely satisfied. It gets stapled to their receipt and asks them to call if they have any problems. Finally, everyone gets a piece of the pie when the bonus comes in.

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