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Michael Migliorini
I've been reading a lot lately on reputation management and I have a question for the community. If you type our dealership into Google and click reviews it states we are a 1/2 star, but if you read the reviews they are all positive. We have 11 reviews. 1 on Google Maps, 7 on DealerRater, and 2 on Edmunds. The Google review is a five star, if you click to DealerRater we are a 4.6 star. It looks like Google is scoring all of the DealerRater reviews as zeros. 5 stars divided by eleven reviews equals 1/2 star. How do we fix this?
Brian Pasch
Michael, what is your dealership name and location so I can check this out.
Michael Migliorini
Brian, the dealership is Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah. Thanks for looking into this for us.
Brian Pasch
@michael When I do a search I do not see that summary of a half star as you discussed. Since Google Maps has been rolling up reviews the math you mention may not be reliable. I would fix this problem by focusing on getting positive reviews added to Google Maps, 2 per week for the next month and see what happens. Make sure the reviews are done from the customers own home pc.
I agree with Brian. I've seen great success with dealers who use their owner marketing system to select a group of customers and include a suggestion for the customer to write a review on google in their next communication piece. In Orange County there was a dealer who sent out a thank you card to new customers soon after they took delivery of their vehicle with an offer for a free car wash if they posted a review. The important goal here is to have them do it from their own computer - do not have customers sit down in the dealership and write the review. Google will see that they all came from the same couple computers. Good luck!
Merla Turner
Most review sites track IP addresses, which is why a customer’s home computer is the safest place for a review to come from. I find that a humble request goes so far in gathering positive reviews - it's all about your relationship with customers – if you treated them like gold they will happy write about it. Additionally, new FTC guidelines make giving a customer anything in return for a positive review a little scary. Check out this link: to read the FTC's testimonial guidelines. Happy review gathering!

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