Dealers United

Steve Devereaux
Has anyone ever heard of this site: What they claim is that they negotiate deals with vendors and then offer it to a group of dealers. Anyone had luck with this or is it just a gimmick? Thanks, Steve
Brian Pasch
Steve Dealers United is a real company and they have presented dealers with a few deals. To date some of those deals were: KPA SEO Package HookLogic Marketing Package Haystack Paid Search Package The program is too young to know if the vendors and dealers felt that participating was any more advantageous than current methods. One interesting point is that the Dealers United ad campaign imply that dealers still sign up for 3 year contracts and that they can prevent that from happening with month to month contracts. Of course ads are supposed to grab attention but dealers are way to smart to lock themselves down to "old school" contracts that were made famous by unnamed companies. Everyone is looking for 30 day outs...
Christian Ziegler
Steve, I appreciate your post/inquire about Dealers United. We are in fact a real company and we are delivering real savings for the over 4,000 dealerships that have joined Dealers United since our launch in November. How does Dealers United work? It's free to join, just sign up on our website so we can deliver the monthly deal details to you . Also, in addition to negotiating the lowest price that our monthly vendor partner will ever offer, there is 0 obligation to take part in our monthly deals (you can view & pass on as many deals as you'd like) and if a deal does make sense to your dealership and you sign up, you can cancel anytime. Another benefit, which is sometimes overlooked, is that if you are a Dealers United Member and are currently using the vendor & service we select, you are instantly eligible for the pricing that we have negotiated. We have already sold hundreds of deals during our first two deals (SEO & HookLogic) and are currently in the middle our third deal (SEM by Haystak) offering, which ends on June 26th. If you have any questions or want to discuss Dealers United, please feel free to give me a call at (941)366-6760 or you can email me at: Again, thanks for your post & the opportunity to respond, -Christian Ziegler COO, Dealers United If you're interested in signing up, go to this link:

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