Desking software tool sharing full transparency of F&I?

Eddie Cawley
We are potentially looking for a software solution that allows desking to happen with our guests, offering full transparency with itemization of vehicle and guest protection options. The goal we are considering is to move our F&I process out from the dark to be in front of our guests, and part of the vehicle purchase presentation where we share with guests the protection options as part of the limited negotiation experience. We are hoping for something that provides transparency with itemization versus a bundled amount, or simple amount of payment leg structured into the deal. Ideally, this solution would also allow us to print a 3 - 5 options in a payment presentation with lease and retail, protected and unprotected for our guests. Finally, we are hoping for a solution that can sit on top of our DMS and CRM, while limiting double entry with these other required software tools. If anyone knows of a software solution that may work, please advise for consideration. We are already aware of ELeadOne, DealerSocket Desking, OptionSoft, R&R, etc which are all great solutions, but require CRM, or are input intensive, or do not provide full transparency with itemization for the guest.
Ron Henson
@Eddie, I look forward to the suggestions from the community on this forum question and I also greatly admire the paradigm shift that the Garff Group is leading in this area.
Shawn Morse
Have you taken a look at Market Scan ? I have never in 20 years in the business seen a stronger desking tool.
Jose Galvan
Shawn, thanks for your comments! Eddie, please let me know if you would like to have our rep in your market stop to give you a demo of mDesking & mQuote. mDesking's database contains every parameter, policy and factor that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction. We track every rebate and apply them correctly to every lender & term to generate the lowest payment for your desired profit and with us you don't have to type anything. We track all reserve types, special rebates for different customer types and by the way with mQuote you can negotiate the entire deal digitally so the sales person never leaves your customers unattended. With mQuote you can have a sales manager working from San Diego and your sales person at a dealership in NY receiving your quotes!
David Ruggles
Transparency means both buyer and seller have the same information. Is that what you really want?

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