Desking Tool or your DMS for F&I?

Mark Begley
With the proliferation of many excellent desking tools through CRM providers I was wondering how many people still use their DMS to desk deals? Is the deal already structured, called in and approved from the sales desk before it even makes it to F&I? What involvement does your DMS have while in the F&I office? By the way, with over 25 years of car dealership experience, I can say this is a far cry different from back in the day when we pulled a "pinger" credit bureau, used money factors to calculate payments and used a broadcast fax to transmit the handwritten credit application to up to five banks at once! Let me know your thoughts.
Lauren Moses
Our salesmen write up the deal on a foursquare, get the selling price and trade in value from the owner, then bring it to me or our General Manager for F&I. We get them to fill out the credit app while we start putting in the numbers so we can give them an accurate payment. We also send in the credit app to get approval and then once the customer agrees to the payments and amount we handle all the paperwork and everything else besides delivering the vehicle.
Mark Begley
Thanks Lauren.. is that 4 square a manual copy or is it generated out of a CRM or DMS?
Lauren Moses
Not really sure. I think that it is just a manual copy the dealership had made years ago. Honestly I didn't know that you could generate them from a CRM. I'm still learning the ins and outs of ours and everyday find something new that I didn't know it could do. I will definitely be looking into it.
mark rask
Our sales managers structure the deal in desking and send it to the dms. Finance works out of the dms
Lezlie Brannan
Our salespeople/management staff can print out all forms from our CRM. Once the customers info, vehicle, and trade info are entered, all the forms are then populate with this info. It saves a ton of time, and (as long as the info entered is correct) it cuts down on errors.

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