Email Marketing - Dealers must start collecting emails!

Nick Lozovsky
We recently had some extraordinary results creating a sales email marketing campaign for a few of our Honda clients that wanted to take advantage of some Owner Loyalty incentives that Honda just announced. These incentives are for a very limited time (11 days) and are perfectly matched for a strong email marketing campaign directed at current Honda owners. Combined with the fact that Honda owners are extremely loyal and that American Honda rarely has incentives of this type, Honda dealers really have a great opportunity to capitalize on marketing this incentive to existing Honda owners. Another Honda dealer heard about these sales results and contacted us today to create the same campaign for his store. This store has a new GM and he was really excited about the opportunity to market these incentives to all of the stores previous customers. The only problem is that this store doesn’t have any email addresses. Sure they have a few hundred email addresses from active Internet leads, but that’s all they have! NO Parts customers, NO Service customers, and NO sold customers! The really unfortunate thing is this is still the rule and not the exception for many Dealers around the country. All Dealers need to ask themselves the following questions: ●Do you have a process in place to collect an email address on every customer (Parts, Service, and Sales)? ●Do you have all of those email addresses in one easily accessible database? ●Do you have a store-wide strategy in place to actively and creatively market to this list? ●Do you have the ability to quickly market to these customers (CRM, outside email service, etc) If you answered no, you have some work to do! Dealers need to get their heads out of the sand and embrace the opportunity to effectively market to their existing and past customer base.
Jared Hamilton
How do you recommend dealers collect email addresses. There is the email append process, but what processes do you see inside stores that are working where there is a constant collection of fresh/accurate email addresses? Is it happening in F&I? At the service advisers desk? What do you see as most successful?
Nick Lozovsky
Jared it really needs to be a storewide focus. Anytime you gather a customers info you need to get their email. From the salesperson, desk manager, F&I, Parts Counter, Service Advisor, everyone needs to be trained on the importance of capturing the email address and how to ask for it. Like all processes management must monitor it and enforce it.
Brad Bossen
I agree with Nick wholeheartedly. Email capture is a necessity. A problem arises however. Who becomes the gatekeeper of the list. A customer very well could be on each of the Sales,Service,Parts,Special Sales and Used Cars lists. Each department is anxious about maximizing the sales capacity of their list and feverishly sends out emails. Without a gatekeeper of the number of emails/advertisements going out,the dealership's good intentions will become SPAM very quickly and have soured an otherwise happy customer.Think it through.
Andy Warner
Do not forget mobile phone numbers. They are email addresses too and can be used just as effectively (if not more in some cases).
Bart Wilson
I think that if we want salespeople to collect emails they need to be sold on the benefits. If they know the dealership will help them with their follow, both before and after the sale, and make their job easier they will be more dilligent in collecting emails. As a fallback F&I can collect on sold customers.

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