Epencil desking and training

Mitch Smoot
Has anyone used Epencil desking and training and how do you like it? Is it worth the money?
Jared Hamilton
who makes the epencil tool? Is that grant cardonne's deal?
Mitch Smoot
Yes it is Grant.
Mitch Smoot
Grant Cardone
Epencil works because we teach people what to do with it. This product has been simi- or completely copied by many but no one is teaching people how to use it... 1) this is not just a desking tool but should handle all phone ups, internet hits, RO's and a prospecting tool. 2) desk managers that are not trained will move back to the sharpee pen and make excuses for not using it....this is the problem with the technology and imposters giving you their desking tools....they are giving you something that no one knows how to use. 3) epencil is free but we don't give it to you without training...without knowing what to do with it, this tool, will be like 90% of what any technology can do for you==== stay unused. I will have some of our clients post here...
Jared Hamilton
The copied part is so true. I remember YEARS ago marketscan your product was first on the market and then Marketscan launched mpencil. It was their attempt at the same thing...with a different name. (Very origional name on their part right?) The theory behind the tool is a great, ive used other menu type systems and they work. I can also vouch for Grants training, just never used his exact tool. Thanks for responding grant. Mitch, we'll get you some feedback. j

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