Facebook and social Media marketing

adam segall
Do you think that Facebook and other social media outlets are a beneficial market for your dealership to target? Youtube vidoes, Twitter, etc...?
Dara Moore
Mind you I am biased because I work for a company that provides Social Media services. But when a dealer calls us and thanks us because they are seeing sales resulting directly from their social campaigns I would believe it would be worth it. A dealer has everything to gain and very little to lose by putting themselves in the social media arena with their competitors.
Marc McGurren
I believe if you are firing on all cylinders in your other digital marketing efforts (good pictures, great descriptions, dominating in SEO, closing rates are great) - then move onto social media. It doesn't take a lot of time to be half way successful in social media - but it can take your eye off the ball of the "basics" if you are not careful.
Angela Moesker
Since we have started social networking, google adds etc. We have seen our web stats skyrocket. We notice that people are surfing our inventory pages the most. I know when I'm shopping for something I do my research online first. I don't know if it is translating into sales at this point but when we purchase ads in the newspaper we don't know if their subscribers are even looking at our ads. With online marketing we can see people actually choosing to go to our website and what they are looking for. To me it's a "no brainer" to move towards web marketing. Be proactive and not reactive :)
Chris Theisen
While Marc makes good points about having the basics down social marketing is a basic as well. Its part of the overall package but its a basic already. Lucky for you alot of other dealers are like you and still asking about doing it or doing it very poorly. Jump in but jump in with knowledge, training and basics of sound social marketing and you wont regret it.
mike orcutt
no. only helps in organic search ranking

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