Gary's post "Hey it's Digital"

I wanted to leave this as a comment on Gary's post but the function was disabled, therefore my open thoughts. "Nice post Gary, and agreed with your observation that too many presenters following their "ABS" (always be selling) agenda. I have made it a promise to my peers and to myself that I will not ever fall into a sales pitch. Not during the Digital Dealer conferences, not during my open seminars I am holding and not at my NADA events I am invited too. We, the presenters are owing it to our peers to show new ways and tactics on what is working because we had done it in our dealerships first, and not because the marketing plan of our current employer is demanding it. The tips and tricks we had working in our Internet departments need to be shared without strings attached."
Gary May
VJ, Sorry. I inadvertently had the default "no comments" selected. It's been fixed. Thanks for your comments!

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