Great Managers - What Makes Them Good?

Mike Stoner
The following is one list of some characteristics common to all great managers. They are Great Communicators. Communicating is not just making sure you're understood but also listening and making sure others know you understand them. They are Team Builders. In a car dealership the success of the manager is dependant upon the success of the rest of the sales staff. Building a team that works together will bring great success. They are Inspirational. Motivating, inspiring others to do better is really the bottom line of a sales managers job description. They are Creative. Creating new programs to drive traffic, ways to improve performance of people and processes. Willing to hear new ideas and implement them or some variation of them. They are Good With People Comfort with people makes other people comfortable with them. People Like To Be Around Them Others want to emulate them. They like being around them because they can learn from them. They hope to be like them. They Hold People Accountable. Themselves included. They make their expectations clear and then follow up to confirm the actions needed are taken. Holding people accountable does not mean being abusive or unreasonable. They Are Students of Their Own Business. One of the greatest managers I ever worked for had a 3 word message taped to his computer monitor that said "Always a Student". Take that message to heart and never think you know it all. You never know when the lot attendant might have a million dollar idea. If you aren't open enough to accept new ideas you'll miss out on it. Read industry publications. Listen to audio programs. Take steps to make sure you don't fall behind in what are the newest and best practices in the industry. They Give Credit To Their People. Praise of others inspires loyalty and creates a great working environment. Happy employees means happier customers. Happy customers pay more profit. They Are Interested In The Success Of Others. They know that if others are successful they can be too. Those that have greater succes than they do inspire them to greater success of their own.
Jared Hamilton
This is so relevant for every dealership department remember being a newbie in the business and seeing your manager thrown credit app back at you because it wasn't filled out the way he wanted and you had to go sheepishly ask a vetran how to fill it our just right. All this because the desk manager was a poor manager and too lazy to communicate properly? How about new hire training? How many stores still today don't properly train new hires? Or are quick to chew out and slow to praise... It's easy to overlook the soft side of running a store but this post really hits home. Nice work mike.
Jared Hamilton
Yikes. My comment was horribly written. Sorry. I'm casually reading on my iPad and didn't proof read... Oops
Bryan Armstrong
Great post Mike! I would maybe add they have a TRUE memory. Meaning they remember what it was really like on the worst days and in the beginning instead of regularly regaling the glory days to the betterment of none. :)

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