Has Reynolds and Reynolds gone too far?

Mitchell Brenner
We received a letter today from Reynolds and Reynolds that effective January 4th, 2010 all modem access to third party vendors will be turned off. That means we have to scramble now with all our vendors to find other ways to get the data to them. All during the Holidays and limited time. How's that for notice? Does anyone know other ways to push pre-owned data to Reynolds and Reynolds on an automated basis?
Jared Hamilton
Wow, this sounds nuts. Is this just for your store/DMS model or for all ReyRey DMS Systems? I also heard something about Reynolds certifying particular vendors to access the data. I am sure this is to insure those that have access to the data are pulling it into secure environments, and are doing so properly to not cause too much stress/load on their system. (And lets face it, Im sure its a new profit center for Reynolds as I bet the charge a significant amount for companies to become certified.) The part about only getting only few weeks notice is really crappy, im sure they have been working on it for a while. Too bad they didnt notify you earlier.
Mitchell Brenner
Unfortunately it's a global thing. All dealers are effected except Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo. Every other dealer will no longer have inbound access via modems! Of course ReyRey is suggesting subscribing to the RPM Remote Client Access which is secure and supported by ReyRey. No mention of filling their pockets. The letter reads like they're doing us a favor!
Kevin Leigh
We use Select QU.. it’s a piece of software that sits locally and can, FTP, email anything you can imagine from ADP/Reynolds. http://www.selectqu.com/ We also use Stoneeagle.com for the projects like push back to ADP/Reynolds F&I hope this helps Kevin B. Leigh Director of e-Business West Herr Automotive Group (716) 818-4444 (text or call) kleigh@westherr.com westherr.com and blog.westherr.com www.twitter.com/twitter
Mary Crothers
We have contacted all of the vendors who are currently using the Reynolds modem to extract data and except for 2 or 3 they all had alternate methods that could be used. Most had their own software that could be loaded on an in house pc. These last 3 will most likely need a VPN. The real interesting part of this situation was that when we contacted a division of Reynolds that we work with on a regular basis they were not even aware of this letter, or the termination of the modem access.
Jason Tracy
This is crazy. Reynolds and Microsoft have a lot in common. Maybe they should try to be more like Google. I would recommend someone over at Reynolds start reading "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis and "Free" by Chris Anderson.

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