Help with Delivery Scheduling Process

Jorge Rodriguez
I am curious, how do you schedule your deliveries. What are the steps and processes you use? Do the sales consultants schedule them or someone else? Where do they post the deliveries, ie: Dry erase board, sheet of paper , a chip ? I am having a process discussion with my team and am looking for some input. As much detail as you can give will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Lauren Moses
Jorge, We don't really have a schedule. We are a smaller dealership with less than 100 new & used so there really isn't a need. Though we can if need be to fit around a customers schedule. We try not to have customers coming in at 5:30 when we close at 6:00. It just doesn't leave enough time to get everything done before we close (though we do stay late if need be). Deliveries are on a spread sheet that F&I has but sales reps don't see it. Once the sales reps have all of the information to take to F&I they bring us the paperwork and we start working on that. Once we have payments that the customer agrees to we send the car to be gassed, cleaned, and stickered while we type paperwork. This is usually when the reps do the service walk and show them around. Once we have paperwork ready we sign them and the sales reps deliver the vehicle to them.
DJ Snyder
I've seen everything from a Dry erase Board to an appointment book. It's all the same really. Now if you come up with a process that speeds things up let us know.
David Russell
90% of the time, the deal is T.O.'d to F&I. From there, Finance will schedule the delivery time with the customer. The salesperson is then updated and he/she turns in their get-ready for delivery at the mentioned date and time. Of course, there are those times that F&I is busy and we just don't have a chance for a finance T.O., the salesperson then writes it in the appointment book in an available slot, alotting for a minimum of 45mins to an hour between other scheduled deliveries. When we spot, well...."hey, I got a spot!, don't clock out" = {finance angry face}
DJ Snyder
David pretty much described it to a "T"
mark rask
We are a fairly large dealership. No scheduling process though....we try to deliver asap while the customer is there

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