How long will this take?

Ron Henson
Have you found ways to streamline the paperwork process for customers without sacrificing back-end gross? Consumer research shows that satisfaction with a dealership drops precipitously after a customer waits longer than 90 minutes in a showroom to complete the purchase of a selected vehicle, said Jared Rowe, president of car-shopping site
Grant Gooley
When I was in sales (Not marketing) I loathed the sales process for this exact point. There I would be doing everything in my power to keep the customer entertained while paper work was being prepared etc... It was painful. Some of the dealers I work with now have this down pat.. Others not so much. Anyone have a slick process they want to share?
Lauren Moses
Process, Not so much. More like, "Hey, You like guns" "Oh, good, let's take a drive over to our gun shop. We've got some really great stuff over there" If they aren't gun people, well...never mind it is the south.
Robert Karbaum
Just for Laugh's DVD's. For the Americans that don't understand, there is a Canadian comedy show that has been running for years, and years. It consists only of practical jokes being played on unknowing participants. No voices, no talking, just visual comedy and plenty of laughter. It works for all languages, and it entertains everyone. This has worked for years. During waiting times, especially during big sales just slap Just for Laughs on a big tv and suddenly everyone is laughing and smiling.
Robert Karbaum
Better yet, here is a YouTube link with several episodes on it:
mark rask
This is the age old question

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