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Alexis Bassler
When you have a separate department for insurance, what would you say are the best methods for them to followup with recently sold customers in order to generate more income? Is there a suggested script to use that might make the cust more open to receiving a quote?
Lauren Moses
Alexis, I can't say for sure an exact process since we don't have a separate department just for insurance. But I would say just them calling to follow up maybe a week or two after they purchased. You don't want to bombard them within that first week when the salesman is following up with them and they have tons of questions about the new vehicle that your insurance department may not have answers to. After that first initial week or two, they have pretty much figured out the majority of everything and are just finding the extra little tricks that get passed over. It would be a great time to sell accessories like all weather floor mats, bed liners for trucks, etc. to help protect the vehicle's value for when they decide to trade it in a few years down the road. As for selling them more insurance, Like I said we don't do separate insurance so I'm not so sure on that front.
Megan Barto
Do you not present VSC's, etc at the time of delivery? If not - a good time might be while they're in for service "hey - I noticed your 2008 Honda Accord is almost out of factory warranty -- would you be interested in exploring options for a warranty to cover you now? It would be a good business decision for you - especially if you plan on keeping your vehicle for awhile" Aaaand you're off.
Robert Karbaum
I would imagine video would work quite well. You can create a "second opinion" in video form that could be a dangerous weapon. I don't know of any examples of this however.
Chad Albertson
Alexis, are we talking "auto insurance"? If so, are you integrating the permission to quote into the sales process in your showroom before they enter F&I to complete their transaction? Face to face interaction while they are at the store is the best recipe for success. Also, are your service drives asking their customers if they would be interested in a quote? "Would you be interested in how we can save you money on your auto insurance?" Then these folks can be followed up via email and phone by your licensed sales professionals.

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