Integrated F&I

Ron Henson
Has anyone fully integrated F&I into the sales process, meaning that one person (Sales Consultant) can handle the customer transaction from start to finish without a T.O.? If you have, please share the pros & cons you have experienced. If you haven't, please share your perceived pros & cons to doing so.
Lauren Moses
Ron, This is something that I can do. Except for getting any reduced prices, etc. That all has to go through our owner. Other than that, I can sell, financing, and deliver the deal from start to finish. Do I like doing it? No. You have to have a way to get them out of your office to work your magic and get them the best financing out there, it's also not the easiest thing to do to type contracts and paperwork with customers staring at you while you need to be concentrating. There are some cases when it's nice, like if they want to go run errands while you get financing, type, etc. But if they are staying the entire time it can be a hassle sometimes. That's just been my experience.
Lance MacMillan
How about systemically sending them on a dealership tour, making sure they go meet the folks in the service department, etc? To give yourself time and set up the service department for future business? I dunno how much time something like that can buy you though...would 15 minutes be enough?
Lauren Moses
Lance, 15 minutes is better than nothing, But I prefer to take them on a tour myself then to just send them on their own. It is a great part of your sales process that can have a big effect in build rapport.
Lance MacMillan
Lauren, what about getting someone presentable and with a decent personality from the service department take them for you for a bit? I know what you're saying though...if I gave my people to someone else for a service department visit I'd have to have trust in them not to say or do anything 'el stupido'. For a sec, I thought it'd be great to have a really well done preproduced movie about what to expect from their post-buying phase of the relationship...but then I came to and realized that'd be a lot of effort to just buy you 15-20 min of peace to hammer out your docs.
Lauren Moses
Yeah. I can't type the paperwork in my office because I don't have a printer. But I can get them financed and get everything put into the system to be typed. It's not easy trying to figure out interest rates and finance income with them sitting in your office. I usually get the credit app done and then take them for a walk while we wait to get results. We also have a gun shop and if I know they would be interested in looking over there I give them keys to another vehicle to drive over there and that helps. If I just absolutely can't get them out of my office then I just say I'll be right back, and head down to the GM's office (she is also our F&I manager). She usually finishes it out from there if I need her to.

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