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Scott Goodrich

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The Finance office is one of the most competitive markets in the Automobile Industry today, with hundreds of Ancillary companies, Vehicle Service Contract companies, lenders and more that all have various competitive products that are created to help the back end of the Dealership turn into the profit center that it is and needs to be.  Do you have all of the right products in your finance office? Are you staying competitive and getting your customer the aftermarket products they want? Engines are getting more reliable and so are the parts that they give power to, creating a consumer who is less weary of the traditional scary and expensive mechanical failures that once was commonplace in our industry. The technology though… New and advanced technology is now finding its way into every new vehicle, whether it’s a Bluetooth system, navigational system, LCD touch screen or some new vehicles come equipped with video game platforms! Even backup cameras are becoming federally mandated in every car manufactured after 2018.  These parts are expensive to fix, some touchscreen systems alone costing $7,000 or even more. This technology is what truly scare todays car buyer, partly because they are so expensive, partly because they are difficult to fix, and partly because this type of technology is new to the car industry and untested. Countless think tanks and focus groups all came up with the same thing; consumers want these parts protected and they will pay for that protection because they deserve the peace of mind after something as big as a car purchase. Until recently no one sold a stand-alone tech product that could fulfill this need of the customer. With a much lower dealer cost than the average VSC this tech product allows the dealer to make the same amount of profit while still having a lower cost to the customer in turn driving up F/I penetration. This product has been extremely successful and has been a dream product for our clients. This is the weapon that every Finance manager has wanted and it is finally here. Good Luck out there to everyone and I hope to see some comments about what you guys think! 

Bob Parrish

How about some details about your product?  A stand alone tech warranty may make a lot of sense for some people and I'd like to know more about it.

Thanks in advance,


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