Mobile Credit Applications

Dustin Donham
Wow really forward thinking... Sometimes I have a hard time getting people filling out a 4 field lead gen form on mobile. Credit app? I think that's gonna be a while for 98% of today's consumers. Its not a mobile event. When you are at that point in a major purchase.. its not on the fly. When I think mobile I think directions.. And I am more hyper connected that most .
James Klaus
I would like to now what people are using as a solution for this. I constantly have customers complaining about trying to fill out a credit ap on our mobiles sites. If we can look @ inventory and have mobile paid and organic search strategies what is that best practice on this? Is there one? What vendor has this dialed?
Dustin Donham
lol I guess I was wrong.
JC Vano
I use CBC to pull bureaus and they are developing a moble credit app that can collect a e-signature that once saved is transfered to the desk via wifi and a credit report can be pulled. They showed me a prototype on a tablet that the salesman would carry and have the customer sign by typing their name and agreeing to terms and conditions without having to come into the office. I think that is great. My salesmen sometimes can't get people into the office. If we could say they are already approved I believe that would let them relax and come inside. I haven't checked where they're at with it lately. Still the best provider for credit reports and red flags without a doubt. 5 star rated IMO.
Scott Smith
I just went to our website on my phone. It's a standard GM Cobalt site. I'm the F&I guy and recently got us signed up with RouteOne's online app called WebApplyOne. It's cheap, and integrates directly into our (and any) website. I clicked the finance link on our website ( if you want to try it), and it pulled up the app just like normal. I have a large phone, so it works just fine. I know this isn't what you were specifically asking about, but it works great.
James Klaus
Thanks Scott I am looking into that today!

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