No "leg" to stand on

Amanda Gordon

To all of my finance pros out there is your desk still giving you "leg?" If so STOP IT!!! It's completely illegal and means you're not really doing YOUR job, the desk is. I recently ran into a dealership bragging about running 4k a copy on the back end so I took the liberty of observing. CHEATER CHEATER PUMPKIN EATERS!!! If you are unable to sell product aka do your job, go back on the floor. You're making the hard working F&I'ers look bad. (There is a question in there somewhere)



Brendan Dolan

In my store I stopped the whole "Reward Yourself :)" in sharpie on the back of a four square. I'd run a multi pencil out of VinSolutions with standard rate, and all back end products loaded in. 

If you're running over $2,500 in back end in a high volume import store, you're kinking the system, and at least in California where I'm from, risking getting your dealer sued. No more 700 days to first payment, 14.99% rate, $4k in phantom products, etc. Just knock it off, and sell the stuff correctly. 

@Amanda, help me understand better what you are talking about... thanks!

Brendan Dolan

@Scott: leg is when the desk provides a payment to the salesman and customer that's higher than it should be. If the math says the payment is $350, but you're telling the customer the payment is $390, and you close them at $390, you've broken the law in an attempt to leave yourself a way to pack additional products into the deal that the customer is unaware of. 

Wow, yeah that seems like cheating no wonder it's against the law. I've only been in the car business for 6 years but I still hear stories that surprise me about how things used to be done or even are still happening at dealerships across the country. 

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